• Yeo Kaa, Killing Yourself is like Killing Everyone Who Loves You, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 152 x 213 cm

Yeo Kaa

A perfect dichotomy of colour and torment, Filipino artist Yeo Kaa (b. 1989) paints deceptively candy-coloured characters stuck in violent states of reality. Her stylised figuration brings to mind animation and fictional characters from children’s books, a fantasy world that exists only in dreams and imagination. Yet these elements cleverly camouflage haunting and daring images: a tableau reminiscent of a crime scene, decapitated and dismembered bodies, or an insane person out of a killing spree. Such provocative combination of contrasting temperaments may well refer to a world full of contradictions, a world where darker tendencies of human nature are masked by misleading façades and are lurking beneath pleasant veneers.