• Zico Albaiquni, Negotiation of Understanding, 2016 -17, pigment, oil and giclee on canvas, 270 x 580 cm
  • Zico Albaiquni, The Artist Studio: Ciwaruga, 2016 - 2017, oil and giclee on canvas, 187 x 483 cm
  • Zico Albaiquni, No Man Too Worth for Sale #2, 2017, ink and oil on canvas, 138 x 90 cm

Zico Albaiquni

Bandung-based artist Zico Albaiquni (b. 1987) investigates the notion of our surrounding space and environment, and the influence it has on our actions and culture. He is particularly interested in the processes of artistic expression and production, and the roles art and artists play in society. By deliberately warping and pushing the conventions of how space, time and perspective are depicted in an image, Zico presents self-reflexive paintings that challenge its creation and materiality. Zico founded Ruang Gerilya, an experimental artist collective in Bandung, and has exhibited in the National Gallery of Indonesia, Goethe Institut Bandung (Indonesia) and Jogja National Museum (Indonesia), amongst others.