• Htein Lin, Monument To My Mother, 2015, textile installation, dimensions variable
  • Htein Lin, Mangrave I, 2016, iron, charcoal, sand, mangrove seeds, video screen, dimensions variable
  • Htein Lin, Unholy Bugs, 2008-2015, acrylic on canvas, 183 x 317 cm
  • Htein Lin, Culm-Nation, 2016, bamboo culms and paint, dimensions variable
  • Htein Lin, Green Enclosed, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 147 cm
  • Htein Lin, The Man On The Moon, 2006, single-channel video with sound, 31’ 35”
  • Htein Lin, Monument To My Father, 2015-16, surgical instruments and trays, LED scrolling sign, video, photographs, fibreglass, steel chair, dimensions variable

Htein Lin

Htein Lin (b. 1966, Ingapu, Myanmar) works in painting, video, installation and performance, and has also been a comedian and actor. He spent almost seven years as a political prisoner in Myanmar (1998-2004) due to spurious accusations of opposition activity. During this time he developed his artistic practice by using items available to him like bowls and cigarette lighters in the absence of brushes to secretly create hundreds of works on scraps of fabrics, prison uniforms and soap. After his release, he moved to London in 2006 and curated the first Burmese Arts Festival there in 2010. He moved back to Myanmar in 2013, and in recent years has expanded his practice to include video and three-dimensional works.

His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally, including the Setouchi Triennale (2016), Dhaka Art Summit (2014), Singapore Fringe Festival (2012, 2010), Venice Biennale (2007), and more recently, the Singapore Biennale (2016-17). Htein Lin also regularly participates in events and projects to promote freedom of speech, particularly in Myanmar. He is a founding member of the Burmese language arts website Kaungkin, where he contributes poetry, prose and art criticism.